Mustache Monday 7/23 – Bandaids & Sun-Staches

Woohoo! I’m back with a BANG! It’s time for Mustache Monday! This post has two weeks worth of mustaches in it, so get ready!

Last week, we had fun with Mustache Bandaids! Who needs a real wound just to use a bandaid?

Covering up our “wounds” in style!

That’s right, I put a bandaid on my upper lip! The things I do for some Mustache fun!

Then I waxed Kyle’s upper lip with stylin’ stache bandaid! Haha

Then boredom later in the day led to drawing faces to go with our Mustache bandaids!

Fast forward to today… several of us sported the Sun-Staches in honor of Mustache Monday. (I found these at Urban Outfitters for $8, where coincidentally I almost died trying to shop. Long story. I survived, so there’s no need to worry!)

The stache actually suits Amber! We advised her to stop waxing and start growing out her own mustache! Haha

Kyle being his usual creepy self with a stache…

Strokin’ my stache 😉

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Mustache Monday! Have any future MM ideas? Hit me up in the comments section… I’m always looking for more ideas!