Mustache Monday 7/9/12

So, we skipped a few Mustache Monday’s due to the holidays and busy work schedules… but we are back! This was my week and I had picked out some awesome fuzzy mustaches for the event. The fun part of today’s post is that the mustaches came with trivia questions! You have to guess the stache by the clues provided. Have fun! (I’ll post the answers in the comments after everyone has fun guessing.)

1. A famous comedian whose first name was Charlie (ignore the fact that he’s acting like Hitler… he guessed wrong lol)

2. A famous character made popular in video games (not sure why I look so unhappy… probably because it was mid-day Monday)

3. This moustache is named after a large flippered marine mammal

4. Named after a part on a bicycle

(left to right)
5. A famous Spanish Surrealist Painter
6. A famous wrestler
7. E=mc2

In case you want your own fuzzy mustaches, I found this fun pack at World Market for $4.99!


One Year Ago

Sometimes we write about the tough times, about the pain, about the survival. This is one of those times.

One year ago the greatest man in my life left this world. He lives in my heart every day, but today I miss his physical presence badly.

As I layed in the bed trying to fall asleep, I felt uneasy. As the clock ticked on, my stomach felt queasy and my throat tightened. I felt on the verge of a panic attack and my subconscious knew why. At midnight, it became a reality that one year ago my papa died. It became a reality that he has been absent from my life for one whole year. In minutes after midnight, I was flooded with the memories of this day a year ago. I immediately ran outside for air.

I sat on my porch for a few minutes in silence, looking toward the sky. I wondered if I should drive out to the cemetery. He’s not there I told myself, but I couldn’t find him in the sky either. Where is he? That’s when the tears came and shortly after the sobbing.

I wanted to be alone but yet I didn’t. I needed to get it all out because it’s been inside for an entire year. Yes, I cried on the day he died. I sobbed loudly on my work desk when I received the phone call. But then I pulled it together for my sister and for my family as best I could. I was “fine” until we were in the room with his body before the funeral. I lost it then, looking at him. I didn’t say goodbye. I didn’t realize. It was when we arrived at the cemetery that I realized I would never see him again. Inside I was freaking out. Inside I began the stage of denial.

I only remember breaking down once in the time after the funeral. It was the worst crying you’d hear in your life. Even I could hear the level of pain in my cries.

Life did go on, but it was not the same. I found myself missing him often but replaying the happy moments in my head. You see, my papa was the kind of man you could be proud of. He provided for his family, was married to his wife for over 50 years, served in the military, retired from another job and had a kind and generous heart. He was generally a man of few words, so when he talked, you listened. Tonight I clearly remember his voice and his laughter. I can hear him saying “well look-a here” when I would walk in the door, or “ayyy me” when he was ready to call it a night, or “ah” when he was dismissing something you said. I see his facial expressions and his smile. I see him in his recliner or at the kitchen table.

I remember him bargaining with the salesman over my car. I remember him walking me down the aisle. I remember him putting a wet washcloth on my face to wake me up from work. I remember eating peanuts in our Pepsis together. I remember making a “teepee” in his hair when I little. I remember the tight grip of his hugs. I remember his tears at my graduation.

As I’m sure you’ve figured out, he was also my dad. I do have a real dad but he was absent. So my papa was always my male role model and it doesn’t get much better than that. I thank God that he stepped into the role willingly and that I have his behavior and lifestyle to reference. But when he died, I not only lost my papa, but I also lost my dad and the only steady man in my life. It’s been a tough loss. I’m thankful that I’m older and am equipped to survive life without a father, but I’d rather have him around. Sometimes you just want a fathers love, presence and protection.

I want to be able to tell him about my life now, my job and my hobbies. He’d be proud of me and I always wanted to make him proud. In a way, everything I do is to make him proud along with my mother and nanny.

I know he’s in heaven watching over me. He’s my guardian angel. I’ve felt his presence before and been so at peace. I’m not sure where he is right now. I hope he’s watching over and speaking to my nanny right now because she needs him more than I do in this moment.

I love you Papa and these tears I cry are because I miss you. And I miss you so much because you were the greatest man I’ll ever have the honor of knowing. Please stay in my heart and touch my soul for the rest of my life.

Love, Ashley

As stated in my About section, this blog has always been in part for my Papa.

Mustache Monday 6/18

What is Mustache Monday?? *GASP* Why, it’s the only good thing about Mondays!

While several people in the office were already doing their own version of Mustache Monday, a friend and I decided to join in and steal the show. Our MM are much cooler than theirs, and sometimes we share our coolness with them. Like today, I baked mustache brownies and shared with the group. 🙂

Two types of mustache brownies (cookie cutters found at Michaels on clearance for $1.99/3 pack)

This guy was the last one left at 4pm

Now, technically we started MM about two weeks ago and we didn’t share those good times. Here’s a recap.

1st ever MM – I found this mustache tin full of mints at World Market.

Posing for silly mustache pictures is always fun!

On Week 2, my friend surprised me with a gigantic print out of myself and mustache magnets (that he crafted up).

I surprised him back by giving him a creepier stash than me.

See, the idea is that we rotate weeks and surprise each other with something fun for MM! This is an awesome way to spice up a Monday, so I highly suggest you start a MM of your own. I’d love to hear about it and see pictures. If enough people get on board, we could add a linky! Or you can send me your funny MM (or just any mustache pic in general) to and I’ll showcase them on next week’s MM. Now, come on… go out and grow a stache!

It’s A… GIRL!

Today was a very special day in my life. My bestie cousin, Lindsay, is pregnant with her third child. She has two boys, and has been dying to add a little girl to the mix. Well, today was the day that we found out that she is, indeed, having a little girl! It was extra special to me, because I went along for the ultrasound and was there the moment they told her. She was overcome with joy, her husband was in shock, her mother-in-law was near tears and I was trying not to jump up and down since I was filming the entire thing! Here are a few moments from today…


This is the mom-to-be and her husband anxiously waiting to be called back for the ultrasound. Looking back, I can see Michael’s nerves on his face in this picture. We all had our fingers crossed for a girl!


Babygirl’s first clothes and accessories from auntie Ashley! 🙂 Can’t wait to see teeny tiny (although we were told she seemed big today) Madison wear her monkey onesies!

Congrats Lindsay, Michael, Shane & Zack! Thanks for sharing your family moments with me. Love you girl!

A: ccept Differences


Recently, I paid attention to a sign that I have seen every day for quite a while. Buddha holds this particular sign that teaches us the right way to live from A to Z. I thought this would make a series of interesting blog posts, and I also really want to bring some meaning to the table. I’m starting with the letter “A” and working my way through the alphabet, one week at a time.

A – Accept Differences

This is a great one to start off with, because really, that is part of what this blog is about. I read several blogs pretty consistently and appreciate each because they are so different. Now, I am writing my own blog, hoping that you appreciate my differences.

Accepting someone’s differences means accepting them for who they are regardless of skin color, personality, social skills and hobbies they pursue. People from all walks of life are constantly being punished for who they are. Those who have perfect vision pick on those who wear glasses, those who are wealthy talk about those who are poor, those who are successful slam those who are still climbing, those who are skinny laugh at those who are overweight… this list goes on and on for every issue imaginable. Underneath those imperfections are people. People who are trying to survive, to fit it and to be happy.

The kindest gesture we can ever make toward another person is to accept them for who they naturally are. When we do that, we learn so much about the world around us and about ourselves. We find out the differences between people and cultures, and why they exist. We find out what drives the person who is different. We find out that we are more like them than we originally thought, that we actually have a bit in common with them. Or, we find that we enjoy their differences because they make our world interesting. Life would be boring if we were all the same, so learn to appreciate the differences today. Tomorrow just might seem more interesting once you start accepting.