About Me

This is the section where you can learn way more about me than you care to know! 🙂 My interests are always changing, but in the end I am always Ashley (which you will quickly learn means that I will always be extremely dorky awesome!).

I have a sweet but mischievous yorkie, Colby. I am in a committed relationship with a wonderful, kind man who supports all my hopes and dreams (including the notion of this blog making it big). However, he currently lives many miles away so most of the time it’s just me and Colby.

Now, here’s a loooong list of 50 things you probably don’t care to know about me! Enjoy!

1. I started today off with a FREE Dunkaccino from Dunkin’ Donuts. I love anything FREE.

2. Today I am wearing really tall heels that I can barely walk in, but they are gorgeous Vince Camuto peep toes that I was lusting after and then found on clearance (marked down TWICE) at Nordstrom Rack. Score! Second to FREE, I love a deal!

3. I am listening to Top Country Hits radio on Pandora right now, which tells you two things. One: I am oddly obsessed with country music right now, particularly Eric Church.

4. And two: I am too cheap to pay for music. Sorry iTunes.

5. Every morning I DO NOT check my email. I usually remember to do this every few days.

6. However, every single morning I do check Groupon and LivingSocial. (…always scouting for deals)

7. I also check Twitter and tweet alllll day. I will eat up your news feed, but hey I am important and funny! 🙂

8. I was virutally bullied for the first time at age 27. Twitter user @straightupinc (Denise Kitchen) followed me for a while making fun of me on her posts. Not sure why, but my bestie and I put an end to this… don’t mess with us!

9. I really don’t care for Facebook, but may involve myself in it for the sake of this blog.

10. My best friend is sending me pictures of a spider she killed with a broom right now. Wanna see?

11. I hate laying in the tanning bed (and in the sun), but I also hate being pale. It’s quite the dilemma.

12. I am obsessed with reading blogs. I do this at work (hey, it’s my job!) and in my spare time. I read too many blogs to do a blogroll. Sorry, maybe later.

13. Reading is my favorite hobby, but I refuse to pay for books.

14. I have found myself becoming a department store girl over time.

15. My boyfriend gives the best gifts.

16. I use/wear all of my gifts almost every day, but my current favorite has to be my Michael Kors gold watch.

17. My friend, Pattie, recently read Fifty Shades of Grey, which is supposed to be a good read. I mostly want to read it because for some reason she imagines me as the main character and Matthew McConaughey as the guy I’m having an affair with. So, this means she has had explicit thoughts of me and Matthew. Don’t be jealous.

18. I’m an Apple geek. I currently have an iPhone 4S and the new iPad (yes, it was worth it all you haters).

19. Every Wednesday, I watch Jenna Marbles newest YouTube video. She’s quite the cursing sensation these days.

20. I used to be this awesome couponing queen… used to be, but I am trying hard to get back to wearing that crown!

21. I work in a castle. Seriously.

22. I am addicted to Pinterest. I usually lay down at night to go to sleep and find myself still on Pinterest an hour later.

22. I love it when people play with my hair. Nobody ever does.

23. I color outside the lines, so as an adult this means my nail painting skills are terrible. However, I have discovered this thing called a nail corrector pen which has changed my life.

24. I am terrified of needles. I will kick and scream if you try to give me a shot.

25. My middle name is Shai. I used to hate it but now I love it.

26. My boyfriend and I speak in “baby talk.” Our favorites: I hungy, I seepy, You being uggie.

27. I work at a speech and language company. They probably wouldn’t approve of our baby talk.

28. My boyfriend used to work for the same company; that is how we met.

29. It’s a long, complicated, drama-filled story, but we loved each other start to finish and are now happily drama-free.

30. My favorite TV shows are: Whitney, Grey’s Anatomy, Army Wives and How I Met Your Mother.

31. My favorite movies are: Horrible Bosses, The Notebook, The Princess Bride and Just Married.

32. I have a supportive mother and younger sister who is a lot more like me than she thinks.

33. I am approaching 30 whether I like it or not.

34. One day I will get married again. Yes, I am divorced.

35. One day I will have a baby or two. Maybe. Yikes!

36. Man! I’m growing up.

37. I just got a new car – Acura TSX Special Edition and I am in love with it.

38. I used to be a Sex and the City freak! I think I wore it out.

39. I still love Sarah Jessica Parker. She is fabulous!

40. Keith Urban is the celebrity on my list. I’m kinda mad at him right now because he’s not coming to my town (or nearby) any time soon.

41. I think know my boyfriend loves Keith Urban more than I do.

42. I recently met Nick Carter. He’s kinda cute up close. 😉

43. I love soda. I wish I didn’t, but I do. Cheerwine is numero uno.

44. I love a Cheerwine and Moon Pie together.

45. I also love peanuts in my Pepsi. RIP Papa

46. My Papa passed away almost a year ago. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to go thru in my life. He was my male role model, and I considered him more of a father than my own.

47. He still lives in my heart and rides with me when I drive his white Ranger truck.

48. This blog is dedicated to you, Papa. I hope you enjoy the manuscript from Heaven. 🙂 Love Always, Ashley

49. I’ve always dreamed of being successful. I have so much creativity bursting out of my seams. I have entrepreneurial bones and plan to pursue all of my dreams one step at a time. First up, BLOG!

50. My boyfriend just edited this piece. Apparently, I don’t know when to use a comma!


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