Pinterest Project of the Week – Duct Tape Silverware Caddy

This week’s project was fairly simple but used one of the hottest DIY materials around right now – Duct Tape! Have you looked at Pinterest lately? Duct tape is taking over people’s furniture, accessories and children! Okay, so I may have made up the children part… but I bet someone out there is outfitting their children in duct tape onesies. Just sayin’.

Anywho, with all the duct tape madness, I thought that maybe it’s actually kind of cute and not cheesy like it seems. I decided to start small and not invest a lot of money nor ruin any of my good stuff. This duct-taped silverware caddy was the perfect first project!

All you need is an empty six pack carton (thank you Kyle for being a brewing master and empty carton hoarder!) and some duct tape. Any craft store or even Wal-Mart has TONS of duct tape to choose from. Seriously, there are at least 30 varieties at any given store right now. I told you duct-taping was hot.

Simply tape away, cutting and tucking where you need to! It’s really simple and you’ll figure it out best as you go. Once you are finished, you’ll have a cutesy silverware caddy that’s perfect for parties or just around the house. (Mine will be hanging out on my newly renovated patio… more on that next week.)






So, where are all my pinners at? What did you create this week?? Check out what others did this week at Mommin’ It Up Pin for the Wednesdays!

P.S. This project cost me about $2. FREE carton & used a 40% off coupon at AC Moore for the duct tape!

*There is no original pin this week as I did not see this specific project on Pinterest. I simply saw A LOT of duct tape.


10 thoughts on “Pinterest Project of the Week – Duct Tape Silverware Caddy

    • alwaysashley03 says:

      Thanks! Well actually, I didn’t put tape all the way down in there… hehe. I put it just far enough down to cover any areas you would see looking directly at it. Plus, when you fill it up with stuff, you really can’t see any cardboard spots. I didn’t cover the very bottom either.

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