How to Make Pop Rock Cupcakes

That’s right… pop rocks! Those things that jump around in your mouth and thrilled us all as kids? Well, I bet you never thought to bake them in a cupcake! The fun part is that you can advertise these cupcakes as yummy and including pop rocks OR you can trick everyone and watch their faces when the explosion starts! I personally like the second idea and it’s what I did on July 4th! Among other things… check it out HERE! Now, below are the steps to crafting these yummy yet explosive treats.

1. Buy some cupcake mix and pop rocks. That was hard, right? Actually you may have a hard time finding the pop rocks… I couldn’t find them at CVS but did find them at Dollar General ($1 for a 2 pack). I’d say one pack went about as far as 6 cupcakes.

2. Bake the cupcakes using the directions on the box. IMPORTANT: Let the cupcakes cool down completely! If they are still warm, the pop rocks will “activate” when you dump them in as they are triggered by warmth.


3. Cut a slit into the middle of the cupcake with a butter knife and push it inward from the opposite direction to open the slit up.


4. Dump in the desired amount of pop rocks and squeeze the cupcake back together.


5. Cover the top of the cupcake with a nice layer of icing and decorate if you wish. This is your disguise so remember to not let the slit show! Hehe

6. Enjoy the cupcakes and the show!! We chose to only put pop rocks in every other cupcake that way no one would know what they were getting! (Since some people were nosey and found out what we were doing!)


While this idea was an original, I was inspired by this Pop Rocks Snack pin on Pinterest.

Do you have any other food tricks? I’d love to hear them so I can have more fun with food in the future!


13 thoughts on “How to Make Pop Rock Cupcakes

  1. brennagrimes says:

    This is a totally fun idea. Maybe I’ll use this for my next 21st birthday. Or heck, maybe its time to turn 22 at this point. Nonetheless, I’m thinking these would be perfect for an 80’s themed party : )

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