Mustache Monday 7/9/12

So, we skipped a few Mustache Monday’s due to the holidays and busy work schedules… but we are back! This was my week and I had picked out some awesome fuzzy mustaches for the event. The fun part of today’s post is that the mustaches came with trivia questions! You have to guess the stache by the clues provided. Have fun! (I’ll post the answers in the comments after everyone has fun guessing.)

1. A famous comedian whose first name was Charlie (ignore the fact that he’s acting like Hitler… he guessed wrong lol)

2. A famous character made popular in video games (not sure why I look so unhappy… probably because it was mid-day Monday)

3. This moustache is named after a large flippered marine mammal

4. Named after a part on a bicycle

(left to right)
5. A famous Spanish Surrealist Painter
6. A famous wrestler
7. E=mc2

In case you want your own fuzzy mustaches, I found this fun pack at World Market for $4.99!


4 thoughts on “Mustache Monday 7/9/12

  1. Janelle says:

    How cute! Here are my guesses:
    1. Charlie Chaplin
    2. Mario or Luigi…I have never played that game!
    3. Walrus
    6. Hulk Hogan
    7. Einstein

    How’d I do??

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