Pinterest Project of the Week – Beach Themed Birthday Party!

The Pinterest Project of the Week is…. DRUMROLL… a cute beach themed party for my four year old nephew (okay, really, he’s my cousin’s son… whatever that makes us). Check it out –

Fun palm tree straws (found at Dollar store)

Shark fin cupcakes! Simple bake your cupcakes, ice them to look like beach waves (thanks Christa!), sprinkle some stars on top (you know, for starfish) and insert a shark fin. I decided to save some money and DIY the shark fins. I already had cardstock and toothpicks in the house so I simply cut the fins out and taped them to toothpicks.

Up close!

Lifesaver cutlery! Simply wrap your plastic cutlery in a beachy blue napkin, secure with twine and knot it around a mint lifesaver.

Blow up palm tree cooler (I think she found this at the Dollar store too)

There’s my BFF and fav cousin, Lindsay, who is also the mama of Zachary. She was decorating and cooking up a storm!

There’s the birthday boy being all shy while we sing Happy Birthday to him!

Check me out on Pinterest: alwaysashley03

Here are the original pins –
Shark Fin Cupcakes
Lifesaver Cutlery

Also, be sure to check out Mommin’ It Up’s Pin for the Wednesday post to see what others have been up to.

On a side note,
Like my birthday party outfit? I love my Forever 21 dress and Michael Shannon wedges.


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