Mustache Monday 6/18

What is Mustache Monday?? *GASP* Why, it’s the only good thing about Mondays!

While several people in the office were already doing their own version of Mustache Monday, a friend and I decided to join in and steal the show. Our MM are much cooler than theirs, and sometimes we share our coolness with them. Like today, I baked mustache brownies and shared with the group. 🙂

Two types of mustache brownies (cookie cutters found at Michaels on clearance for $1.99/3 pack)

This guy was the last one left at 4pm

Now, technically we started MM about two weeks ago and we didn’t share those good times. Here’s a recap.

1st ever MM – I found this mustache tin full of mints at World Market.

Posing for silly mustache pictures is always fun!

On Week 2, my friend surprised me with a gigantic print out of myself and mustache magnets (that he crafted up).

I surprised him back by giving him a creepier stash than me.

See, the idea is that we rotate weeks and surprise each other with something fun for MM! This is an awesome way to spice up a Monday, so I highly suggest you start a MM of your own. I’d love to hear about it and see pictures. If enough people get on board, we could add a linky! Or you can send me your funny MM (or just any mustache pic in general) to and I’ll showcase them on next week’s MM. Now, come on… go out and grow a stache!


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