The Big Bathroom Reveal

The irony here is that my bathroom is not even close to big. You can basically walk forward about 5 steps before you ram your shins into the bathtub. From there you can shuffle to the left and right about two steps before you bang your shins on the toilet or knock yourself unconscious on my new shelf.

Either way, I wanted to give my teeny tiny bathroom a makeover and I wanted to mostly DIY the sucker. So where did I turn? Pinterest of course. Enjoy the tour and sorry for the crappy sideways pictures but remember how tiny it is… kinda hard to take pics when you can’t backup very far.

Overview (except you can’t see the other wall)

Alrighty, so we’re starting with the light switch wall (that I inadvertently covered with my hand towel, that’s only somewhat annoying). I attempted to make a Magnetic Makeup Board but it turned out to be a FAIL, so I bought one instead. I actually really like having my makeup easily accessible on the wall. My cute wire heart hook was part of my Easy Updates week and was only $1.99 from World Market.

Sorry, this was a hard picture to take. These little flower do-hickeys are the coolest things in the world. I randomly found them in an Atlanta Target and just had to have them. They were just under $20 for a 25 pack (or something close to that). Basically you put each 3D flower in the wall individually wherever you like. (Super easy… all you do is put a designed tip tack in the wall and pop the flower on.) I wanted to do something for this terrible mirror, so I framed it in 3D flowers.

Overview of my bathroom counter.

Here’s my wonderful Butterfly Bathroom Jar that holds all of my makeup utensils. My mom took one look and said, “You use all that?” Answer: “No, I use about two things out of that entire jar. But it’s cute right?” πŸ™‚ Also, I keep my hairbrushes in a cheap IKEA vase. Very girly and cute I think.

I really love my Cake Stand in the bathroom. That crazy looking mirror is one of the best purchases of my life. Have I ever told you about the time I fell off the bathroom counter? No? Well well. You know how sometimes you need to see really close in the mirror and you’re leaning way over the counter but it’s just not enough? Well, I would simply climb up on the counter and sit indian style in the sink. As David’s mom asked the other day, “What were you doing? Putting on makeup?” Answer: “No, I was popping a zit.” True story. Well, I must have been mashing really hard because I lost my balance and because my feet were in front of me in the sink, I was pretty screwed. I fell backwards against the door, slid down (pretty fast) and BAM hit the floor landing on my poor behind. I laid there dazed and seeing stars for bit. My Yorkie came up a gave me a lick like “you alright?” I finally regained my equilibrium and got up, but I did have bruises to prove it was a true story. The point is, I could have DIED. What if I had knocked myself unconscious? This handy IKEA mirror retracts from the wall, has two sides (one for up close) and allows me to pop my zits while sitting on the toilet. I know, it’s safe and awesome.

Can you believe how organized that is? Never before has under-the-counter looked so good in my apartment. I found these two organizers a while back on clearance at Target and repurposed them for this project. To the left I have my hair products and to the right I have makeup in the top and facial care items in the bottom. In between I have a tub with feminine products and behind that I have another tub with oral care items.

This is my handy, space-saving over-the-toilet shelf that I found at Goodwill for only $15! (and was already put together) The colorful knobs were $1.99 each from World Market.

All of these goodies were a part of my Bathroom Fun week. The cute little Q-Tip jar was $1.20 from AC Moore, the green basket was on clearance at Michaels and you always need a matching candle (from Michaels).

I utilized the extra space and stored a few things in cute containers on top. I keep all of my hair goodies in that green stackable tupperware container thing (you can find them at Wal-Mart or Target). It has three sections in which I put scrunchies (yes, SCAAA-RUNCHIES said like Carrie in Sex and the City when she’s making fun of Aiden’s book) in the bottom, headbands in the middle, and the top has smaller sections for my ponytails and bobby pins. The black polka-doted bag is my one and only QVC purchase. Inside it I have stored all of my other makeup bags that I’m not currently using but keep because I have an odd obsession with bags. I have an unrelated post about that too called I’m A Proud Bag Lady.

This is my pretty shower curtain from Wal-Mart that my mama gave me when I moved into my new apartment. πŸ™‚ And I just upgraded to those cute wooden button hooks last week (was previously using the horrid plastic ones).

Here’s my matching Wal-Mart rug in front of the bathroom counter and a chocolate brown memory foam rug from Kohls (got a deal – shipped to my door for only $6) in front of the tub. I really want them the other way around but they don’t fit right.

This is the $15 shelf from Goodwill that is going to fall on my head and knock me unconscious, or so I fear. And it’s not just because David put it up. Hehe. It’s because there weren’t any studs in the right places so we rigged this sucker up with pieces of wood and brackets, hoping for the best. Again, my cute knobs came from World Market at $1.99 each.

Here’s another cute $1.99 World Market hook where I hang my used bathroom towel. The clean ones are neatly stacked on top of my shelf. I’ve decided I don’t like towel bars or rings.

In this drawer I hide all of my tanning products. Mostly gifts from my BFF! πŸ™‚

Look at all that space I still have!! On the shelf is a wicker basket holding my nail accessories (polish remover, toe separators, etc), my glass jar that used to be a candle holding nail polish and a cute candle for an added pop of color.

I hope I didn’t bore you to death but I really enjoyed all of my crafty projects and decorating ideas from Pinterest. I think it came together nicely and I estimate that I did the entire bathroom for under $100, including the bathroom furniture. Not too shabby… stay tuned, next I’m transforming my Patio! (and I have some pretty cool ideas brewing, trust me!)


8 thoughts on “The Big Bathroom Reveal

  1. Jenny says:

    I love what you did with the small space, we are renovating a small bathroom right now. The shower curtain and rug are really pretty and I think the cake stand idea is fantastic.

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