Pinterest Project of the Week – Wax Be Gone

Wax be gone? Yeah. This was one of those DUH! moments on Pinterest. You know, when you see something totally clever and think, “DUH! Why didn’t I think of that?!” So, most of us like candles and candles generally come in glass jars. If you’re like me, you have been wasting those glass jars by simply tossing them in the trash when the wick has seen its last flame. Well, not anymore. Save your candles and get to cleaning out that wax. (It’s actually very simple.)

First, do your candles look like this? Not sure what happened to mine…
Well, that’s just ugly, right?

Step 1. Put your candles in the freezer. Seriously. Wedge them in, right beside all the fattening sweets like I did. Leave them in there for an hour or two. (If you forgot about them and come back a few days later, even better.)

Step 2. Rinse out the jar and remove any stickers. Hot water and soap should make those stickers peel right off and not leave any residue. You’ll also wind up with a black, soot covered washcloth so go ahead and pick an old one.

Step 3. Get to cracking up that wax. I chose a butter knife and simply ran it along the edges and stabbed it in the middle a few times. This should make the wax easily break off into big chunks to where you can just dump it out. The tab in the bottom holding the wick should pop right off too.

Step 3. Break out the EVOO. You don’t have olive oil?? You must not be following in my What’s For Dinner weekly footsteps! If you don’t have any, you can skip this step. The olive oil for some reason makes that film of wax come off really easy, so just dump a little in and use a washcloth to “wash” the glass.

Step 4. Oh, that’s right, you are finished! Only 3 easy peasy steps! Admire how shiny and clean they are.

Now, what are you going to do with them. Well, you could do all sorts of things but here is what I did with one.
I put several of my nail polishes (because I have way more than that) in one jar and displayed them in my bathroom for a pop of color!

This picture is a sneak peek for an upcoming post where I reveal my bathroom DIY makeover… that’s right, all my weekly Pinterest projects have finally concluded an entire room! Stay tuned!

Original Pin

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