Pinterest Project of the Week – Bathroom Fun!

Okay, so this PPOTW is a little different. It isn’t quite as crafty, but it’s still DIY and all ideas were generated from Pinterest. Hopefully you’ll find a little inspiration in my DIY decorating and storage solutions for the bathroom.

I’m going to start with the best… Toliet Paper! If I had taken a before pictures, you would have noticed that I had an extra pack shoved halfway behind the toliet because, well, I didn’t have anywhere else to put it. But THANK YOU Ross for carrying this wonderful tp storage solution. The vertical storage allows me to slide it into a corner that would have never been used otherwise.

Original Pin: Toliet Paper Storage

Jars are wonderful for so many things, and that includes bathroom storage! I found this cute, perfect sized jar at AC Moore for $1.99. Of course, I had to have it. (And I kind of want another one… I always feel like I need double, ya know, for symmetry reasons.)

Original Pin: Jars & Canisters in the Bathroom

Do you have boring cabinets? I did! Switching out your knobs is such an easy update and makes a world of difference! (Another great thing is, the knobs can go with you wherever you go. Just keep the old ones.) I updated my over-the-toliet cabinet with these adorable knobs from World Market for only $1.99 each!


Original Pin: Beautiful Knobs

Towel rings are a thing of the of the past… Hooks are a much cuter (and cheaper) alternative. I found this cutesy wire heart hook at World Market for only $1.99! It holds my hand towel perfectly. Yes, I realize that I covered up half of the light switch with this particular project… we will see how long before that drives me insane and I end up moving the hook!


Original Pin: Hang Your Towels on Hooks

While cleaning my bathroom yesterday, I found bobby pins everywhere! No fear, a solution is here! Use a magnetic strip to hold all your bobby pins in one place (and if you find one as strong as mine, I guarantee they aren’t going anywhere… I’ll be lucky if I can get the bobby pin off!). My strip came from IKEA for about $2 (had it for a while and just now getting around to using it) but I also found a longer one at World Market yesterday for $4.99. Oh, and you see all those holes below my makeup board? I had an epic FAIL with the drill last night. That’s when I realized oh yeah, this strip is magnetic and my makeup board is magnetic, so duh I can just attach it there!

Original Pin: Bobby Pins Are Magnetic. Duh.

Lastly, I wanted a cuter way to store my everyday beauty products on my counter. I found a few pins on Pinterest for using cake stands and loved it! While browsing around in Marshalls, I found this matching cake stand and bowl (I have no idea what this contraption was supposed to be). While I could’ve did a DIY for this, there’s no way it would have turned out so pretty! I love the look of all glass with beaded edges and you can’t really top the girly, sophisticated look for $15 ($10 for cake stand & $5 for bowl thingy).


Original Pin: Cake Stand for Your Bathroom
DIY Pin: DIY Cake Stand for Your Bathroom

This PPOTW post shows you how to decorate on a dime and how to incorporate pieces meant for other uses (like a cake stand). I spent 2.5 hours last night working on my bathroom (cleaning, organizing & decorating) and I am happy to say that it is almost finished! After the boyfriend does a little handy work this weekend, I should be posting the big reveal!

Stay tuned and be sure to check out what everyone else is doing over at Mommin’ It Up for their Pin For the Wednesdays post!


5 thoughts on “Pinterest Project of the Week – Bathroom Fun!

  1. Janelle says:

    Omigosh, love love love this post!! I don’t have a lot of counter space so I especially like the cake stand idea!

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