Pinterest Project of the Week – Butterfly Bathroom Jar

This week my project was a small one and I scrambled to do it last minute. 😦 But really, I did another project that was technically a Pinterest project this week. Check out the Kitchen Cake I made for my bestie’s housewarming party.

If you don’t know already, Pinterest has me in the mood to DIY every aspect of my life and well, I
had to pick an area of focus (because quite frankly, I was losing my mind with so many projects awaiting my time) and I chose the bathroom. I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to this DIY Makeover, called Project Bathroom: DIY Makeover so check it out and you’ll have an idea of what’s ahead for my PPOTW posts. By the way, I think I’ll start shortening it to PPOTW (Pinterest Project of the Week) and maybe use even that as a Twitter hashtag #PPOTW… I like it. ANYWHO (have to reign in my ADD in sometimes), this week’s project was sort of a DIY “Do-Over.” I made this jar previously, but instead of making it pretty, I threw some random beads in there and shoved my makeup utensils leaving it as-is. I decided to pretty it up a little. I hope you like it.





This was probably one of the simplest Pinterest projects I’ve made to date. All you do is grab a jar and decorate it the way you like! I chose to layer some ribbon and found this huge butterfly that I just had to have. I know it’s kind of big for the jar size I’m using, but I like it! I then dumped a package of beads (technically they are called Acrylic Discs) inside and started shoving it full of my makeup and utensils. Basically, anything that I couldn’t stick a magnet on for my Magnetic Makeup Board project last week, I stuck in here! Woohoo – I think I have my makeup organized!

You can find my inspiration pin HERE.

And, before you go, check out Mommin’ It Up’s Pin for the Wednesday post where I always link up and find great ideas!


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