What’s For Dinner – Spaghetti Pie

Tonight we had two cooks in the kitchen! I went over to my cousin’s house where we made this yummy spaghetti pie and watched Army Wives with our men. I know it looks a little weird, and we were a bit skeptical ourselves but I promise it turned out really good! In fact, out of that entire pie, only one slice was left in the end.




This recipe is basically a veggie mix blended with cheese, eggs, herbs and pasta. It calls for a bundt pan but I used an angel food cake pan (yes, the one that was part of my bestie’s housewarming kitchen cake you saw posted yesterday… I asked first!!!). I recommend the pan I used because I didn’t have to fool with flipping the pie over, but instead just pulled out the pan insert and was still able to slice it properly.

This recipe is pretty detailed, so get the entire breakdown HERE.



Garlic bread and salad are always perfect pairs for a pasta dish!

We had a lot of fun preparing this dish, and just as much fun eating it!


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