What’s For Dinner – Skillet Quesadillas, Rice & A Few Disasters

Okay, so tonight was a very interesting night for me. First of all, I was last minute in choosing what I wanted to cook so I had to run to Publix after work. Of course, I forgot an ingredient and picked up a random ingredient I didn’t need. Do I not make a list, you ask? Oh, I make a list. I just never take it out of my purse while I’m in the store!

I decided to make quesadillas and rice. The quesadilla is supposed to be made with tomato and avocado on the inside, skillet style. Well, my avocado was hard as a ROCK. Yes, I picked the darkest one I could find and if felt kinda squishy in the store. NOT. We had tomato quesadillas, but I’m not gonna lie… they were still pretty darn good. Something about cooking them in the skillet was yummy.

Put a little EVOO in the skillet
Add the tortilla and top with shredded cheese
Layer your stuffings in the middle
After a few minutes (when it’s light brown underneath), flip the sides in
Cook a few minutes longer

Cook rice according to package
Cook black beans according to package
Cook corn according to package
Toss them all together
+ add chopped cilantro (the ingredient I forgot)

Cook cookies according to package (take them out early for soft ones!)
Flip one cookie over
Add a scoop of ice cream
Add fresh strawberries
Top with another cookie

Okay, so the next disaster happened while I was cooking. I was warming up my EVOO in the skillet and got distracted by the TV. Next thing I know the smoke alarm is going off and my Nanny is frantic! Well, after I finally got the alarm turned off and opened the doors for some ventilation, she started giggling. THEN the alarm company called AND the fire department called (which my cousin works at and was working tonight so he will forever make fun of me… wonderful). Sheesh.


It’s not over yet. Once dinner was over, I spent what felt like an hour cleaning oil off of every nearby surface. My hands were super dry from washing dishes so I went to use my Nanny’s lotion. The bottle wasn’t full so I flipped it over and started shaking it in order to get the lotion to the cap (duh, everyone does this, right?) and, well… lotion went EVERYWHERE! She didn’t have the cap on. Needless to say, I then spent another 10 minutes cleaning lotion off of every surface in her bathroom, off of my foot and my shirt.

I’m happy to be home.


7 thoughts on “What’s For Dinner – Skillet Quesadillas, Rice & A Few Disasters

  1. Franklin Gooch says:

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  2. David says:

    Food looks like it was good. Sorry I missed it. And I’m sure the other stuff would have been funny to witness too. Love you sweet t!

  3. loseitbig says:

    The food looks great. And I am glad I am not the only one that had to clean up lotion. My 4 year old daughter was opening her berry scented lotion and some how it ended up every where. On the tv, counter in another room, in the sink. She helped with the cleaning with a baby wipe. At least it smelled of berries.

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