Pinterest Project of the Week – Magnetic Makeup Board

Okay, this Pinterest post is going to be a little bit different. I am admitting Pinterest defeat. I have been pinning makeup boards for months and finally decided to make one of my own not too long ago. My inspiration pins were these:



Well, here is how mine turned out:


I picked out a frame from Goodwill for like a buck and took the time to paint it white. I purchased EXPENSIVE magnetic paint and painted the wood insert three to four times. I actually like the simplicity of my board. It looked great on my bathroom wall, as my other furnishings are also white. I purchased two packs of magnetic dots and placed them on the backs of all my makeup. The only thing left was to stick the makeup to the frame, and when I did… PLOP! They slid right down the frame into the bathroom sink one by one. You see, apparently this magnetic paint (which I did the recommended three coats of) isn’t very strong. I could feel the magnetic pull but the makeup just wouldn’t stay put.

Needless to say, I didn’t give up. However, when you can’t craft it, what do you do? You BUY it! πŸ™‚ Of course I got some great deals: Magnetic craft board at Michael’s Arts & Crafts on clearance for $14.99 (plus I used an additional 10% off coupon) and two packs of magnetic dots $2.99 each (plus I used an additional 40% coupon). So, all in all, this project cost me around $17 because I am not going include the wasted money on that darn magnetic paint! I will find some other use for it…




The magnetic craft board even came with four large sized canisters. I just removed the insert and was able to fit my Q-tips and cosmetic rounds in there!

I purposely didn’t show you much of my bathroom because it is currently under construction. I have a Project Bathroom board on Pinterest and am brainstorming away for my remodel, one project at a time! Stay tuned for more Pinterest projects and the grand reveal of my DIY Bathroom Makeover!


15 thoughts on “Pinterest Project of the Week – Magnetic Makeup Board

  1. 366DaysofPinterest says:

    I had a magnetic paint failure too. I made a big chalkboard in my son’s playroom and thought it would be fun to put the magnetic paint under the chalkboard paint. Even after following the directions carefully, his little magnetic letters barely stick! That stuff stinks!!

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