Pinterest Project of the Week – Memo Board

I’m excited to share this pin because… It’s an original! I saw inspiration in a piece of Goodwill junk and turned it into something cute and functional. However, it still fits into the Pinterest category because I pinned it haha (plus I’m sure I saw something similar at some point).


Okay, so you see that wooden piece of junk? It cost me $2 at Goodwill. I purchased a sample size of white paint for $1. I already had some chalkboard paint and I found a peel off dry erase square wall calendar at Ross for $5 (it was actually a 2 pack so have a matching blank square to do something with). It was when I found the calendar that inspiration struck! Here is what I made:


It’s hanging in my laundry room.


So basically, I unhinged the clock that was at the top and painted the entire thing white. Then I stuck the calendar inside the top slot and painted the bottom slot with chalkboard paint. Add a dry erase pen and some chalk, hang on the wall and viola!

What do you think?


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