I took a personality test today and the results told me ISFP: Introversion, Sensing, Feeling and Perception. I can mostly agree with these results, check out the details to learn more below:

Introversion (vs Extroversion) – You tend to be quiet and reserved. You prefer a few close friends instead of a large group of acquaintances. Also, you tend to expend energy in social situations.

**I definitely agree with this one. It’s a given that I am introvert, as I have always been quiet, shy and kept mostly to myself. This can easily get misinterpreted into being stuck up, but I am the farthest thing from being “too good!” I am just too quiet. 🙂 I have also been told in the past that I have a hard time being best friends with more than one person at a time. Apparently there is some truth in that statement, and perhaps I just don’t have enough energy for it? Not sure how to balance that.**

Sensing (vs Intuition)- You tend to focus on the details instead of the big picture, and on reality instead of possibilities.

**This one has to be wrong. I could care less about details, and I wish people would realize this and spare me the long detailed stories. Man, that sounded mean. Ah well, truth hurts, right? Also, I’m probably equally focused on reality and possibilities. I must have misunderstood some questions!**

Feeling (vs Thinking) – You tend to rely more on personal considerations and social implications than on logic.

**Again, not so sure about this one, but realistically I am probably 50/50 Feeling and Thinking.**

Perception (vs Judgement) – You tend to withhold judgement and delay important decisions, preferring to keep your options open.

**I try not to judge, but I’m sure I could use some improvement. I probably do tend to delay important decisions, and I know a few people that will be nodding their heads when they read that last part about me preferring to keep my options open. LOL.**

Take your test at Simple Minds.

By the way Kyle, you were wrong! Hah


5 thoughts on “ISFP

  1. David says:

    I would have I agree with how you responded to that test. Don’t worry cursive girl, that details one was all me.
    We all have exceptions to the way we do things and we don’t always fit the mold these tests sometimes try to put us in, so for the most part these tests are accurate, but there are always exceptions.

  2. every kiss is a cursive line says:

    I agree with the introvert part, imagine how hard it was for me to crack that shell!?

    I disagree with the part of you being unable to have multiple best friends at once, obviously; I am número uno in that department, however, I feel like you are able to balance all of your closest friends quite well. Idk maybe I’m the most important one, that could be why I think that. Bahaha! I kid I kid, you do a great job in balancing your relationships!

    And the details thing, geesh, you coulda said something about how long my stories are! Ha!!! Xoxo

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