A: ccept Differences


Recently, I paid attention to a sign that I have seen every day for quite a while. Buddha holds this particular sign that teaches us the right way to live from A to Z. I thought this would make a series of interesting blog posts, and I also really want to bring some meaning to the table. I’m starting with the letter “A” and working my way through the alphabet, one week at a time.

A – Accept Differences

This is a great one to start off with, because really, that is part of what this blog is about. I read several blogs pretty consistently and appreciate each because they are so different. Now, I am writing my own blog, hoping that you appreciate my differences.

Accepting someone’s differences means accepting them for who they are regardless of skin color, personality, social skills and hobbies they pursue. People from all walks of life are constantly being punished for who they are. Those who have perfect vision pick on those who wear glasses, those who are wealthy talk about those who are poor, those who are successful slam those who are still climbing, those who are skinny laugh at those who are overweight… this list goes on and on for every issue imaginable. Underneath those imperfections are people. People who are trying to survive, to fit it and to be happy.

The kindest gesture we can ever make toward another person is to accept them for who they naturally are. When we do that, we learn so much about the world around us and about ourselves. We find out the differences between people and cultures, and why they exist. We find out what drives the person who is different. We find out that we are more like them than we originally thought, that we actually have a bit in common with them. Or, we find that we enjoy their differences because they make our world interesting. Life would be boring if we were all the same, so learn to appreciate the differences today. Tomorrow just might seem more interesting once you start accepting.



6 thoughts on “A: ccept Differences

  1. Vinny says:

    This is an amazing post. Like something that someone would read and say they would do, but unfortunetly they will never actually do. Kind of gets me mad arghh

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