What’s On Your To-Do List?


Are you like me and have a to-do list that is always a million miles long? It’s amazing how putting a check in a box or striking thru a task gives me instant gratification! Well, unfortunately, I feel like I haven’t accomplished much at all on my personal to-do list in the past few weeks. I moved into a new position at work (yay!) and this is taking up all of my mental energy. I come home pretty exhausted and find myself just catching up on the day-to-day stuff, so I don’t really have time for those extra chores or hobbies that I would love to get around to.

Also, I started off this year thinking 2012 will be the year of change for me. I had a very long list of goals and something I would tackle each month, and boy have I been slacking. However, I’m extremely happy with some areas. My relationships and career life have both improved and are headed in positive directions, which are two very big parts of life. It’s more of the smaller things that aren’t coming together. I still need to get fit and eat better. I still need to gain more financial freedom. I still need to clean, organize and sell some of my junk. What are the things you are concerned with changing right now?

At this very moment, I am searching for inspiration and trying to find the time to focus on it. On the other hand, there are several small pleasures in life I am enjoying.


I’m really enjoying my new Yankee Candle {Soho Living} in Rose Petal right now. I burn this candle every night and am enjoying the scent and ambiance it gives my apartment.


For the past week or so, I have been going thru my photo box in search of pictures to hang on my new office walls at work. This has been such a small, yet wonderful task. I have thoroughly enjoyed looking back over time and allowing my mind to wander thru the memories. All the ex-boyfriends were previously removed, so this was a nice photo mix of family and friends over time. 🙂

My new goal for now is: just breathe. I’d also like to map out some sort of exercise/healthy eating plan before May and finally get this apartment in order. See how quickly that happened? Just breathing turned into two tasks in a matter of seconds! Oh, I’ll never be the kind of person who is able to slow down, will I? I guess that’s okay as long as I am enjoying “life in the fast lane” (-David).

P.S. My BFF just started a blog about her wedding wars and mushy moments. It should be hilarious and heart-warming at the same time. Be sure to check it out over at Every Kiss Is A Cursive Line.


4 thoughts on “What’s On Your To-Do List?

    • alwaysashley03 says:

      Well, I’m hoping things start to even out once I figure out how to manage it all. I would love to sample so many other Yankee Candle scents and burn them all day long but, well, ya know… cha-ching!

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